About Us

Evlite Computers has been in operation since 2007, Though never with a physical Building and never as a for profit company I.E our techs work normal 9-5 Jobs and repairing is done after the normal work hours to benefit the customer and allows us to charge lower rates then our competitors..

Why Choose Us

Quick Repair Process

Minus the need to order parts, we will repair and return your equipment back to you in a timely manner, but with QUALITY. Meaning the process will never be rished.

Customer Support

Full Customer Support After all repairs, something doesn;t look or feel right after we perform the repair? Go ahead and send us a mesage.


Our Mission

Is to provide quality repairs at prices the every day working individual can afford, without regard to be "For Profit".

High Quality Work

All repairs are Testing Numerous times to ensure your equipment is return fully functioning.

Professional Approach

You are treated as a human, Not a monster, Regardless of any of your beliefs or appearance.

Wow Service

We make sure you want to come back for all your future needs..

We Fix All Types of Electronic Devices

From Windows Based PCs & MAC all the way to Game systems.

  • Quick & Convenient Repair Process
  • We are Professional Technicians
  • Only Use High Quality Parts
  • Many Locations For Your Convenience