About Evlite

To provide affordable Computer Repair, Small Engine Repair, And lawn care to our veterans, Low Income, and Fixed income Residents, Regardless of Race, religion or disability.
To treat Every customer like a member of family, without regard for ones personal or spiritual beliefs.
There was GameLibrary Online. A website dedicated to all aspects of gaming, which included a network of IRC servers(The most popular means of communication then, well before "Discord")

in 2005 Gamelibraryonline Evolved into EvliteGroup, Which included.

  • ShovahRO - a Private Server community For ragnarok Online(EOL in 2015)
  • Evlite Computers - Local Computer Repair Still Going Strong.
  • EvliteIRC - IRC network that spanned 25 servers(EOL in 2012)
  • Besaid Island - A reformed revamped Wesbite dedicated to all things gaming But mainly FInal Fantasy(EOL 2014)
  • ShovahEQ(EOL 2015)

We are still Working on the full about Here, please check back late.
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