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Our Services

This is just a small list of services. Send us an email to see if we can help you!

Virus mitigation

Have a pesky virus or rootkit you can not get rid of? give us a call. In most cases we can clean you up without you losing any data.


Desktop Repair

We repair all desktops, Fom Manufactered To custom built.

Disk Copying

We can copy & Clone your disks, whether they be Magnetic Hard Drives Or Solid State drives

Laptop Repair

From Broke screens, to damaged motherboards. If the parts are avaliable we can fix these also!

Tablet Repair

We can repair MOST tablets. These include iPads, Samsung etc. Please note Chinese Built and Cheap tablets such as RCAs etc can not be repaired.

Game console

We can even repair those pesky game consoles for you.